World HQ - Las Vegas, NV
We Are Committed to YOUR SUCCESS
DJs & DJ Company Owners - Many of you worldwide have been a member in past years.  We have redesigned and relaunched the company as of March 2017.  This is a whole new ball game.  We are setting you up for success.  Our brand is respected in the Club Industry and the Wedding Industry.  And now we're also going to help you ESTABLISH YOUR BRAND and GET MORE GIGS.  This will lead to the lifestyle you deserve as an entertainer.

We now offer a comprehensive package of beneifts and resources for MOBILE DJs & MOBILE DJ COMPANY OWNERS to ensure your success at any level you want to achieve.  Our goal is to generate a combined minimum of $100 Million in PROFITS for our members for both 2017 and 2018 and we're just warming up.  We are now referring potential clients directly to you as part of your paid membership.  Real Referrals with no limits.
We will also do this by helping you by turbocharge your Marketing Plan Including a Regional Market Analysis, Providing Official GMDA Stickers for your Gear and Digital Badges for your Website & Facebook Page, Accounting & Document Template Support, Customized Business Insurance, Merchant Services (Credit Card Processing), Discounted & Free Cellular Plans, Performance Tips & Ideas including How to Build A DJ Survival Kit and provide Current, Relevant Song Lists.  We are even going to show you how to turn your overhead expenses into REVENUE!  

Whether you are a Newer DJ, an Established DJ Company or a Legendary Veteran DJ with 25+ years in entertainment, we have the tools to help you get to the next step.

We want to keep you dialed in so you don't miss out on what's coming in our industry.

- J. Cazanova
CEO & International Director
Global Mobile DJs Association Inc