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Membership Benefits
  1. Stickers & Digital Badge
  2. Title 8
  3. Title 9
  4. Title 10
  5. Title 11
  6. Title 12
  7. Title 14
  8. Title 8
Proudly display your membership so everyone will know you are part of an elite group of performers and also a serious business person.  

We will provide you a DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP BADGE so you can show your membership online on your websites and your email signature... and we will also provide stickers for your gear and your vehicles.  
We have access to a specially designed AFFORDABLE Insurance Policy - custom written just for Mobile DJs & Mobile DJ Companies.  It covers your gear, your office equipment AND liability insurance. There is nothing like it in the world.  You will be given the agency's contact info to get your coverage started right away.
Frustrated with your paperwork?  We have everything you need to look professional and keep track of every booking and every dollar with minimum accounting skills.  We can even put your Company LOGO or DJ LOGO right on your documents for you.
We have access to the cell phones you want on your choice of network and can show you huge discounts and even FREE service plans.  Yes - I said FREE.  We can also help you eliminate that mobile hotspot and just use your phone to be online at your shows.  Too good to be true?  Let us show you how easy it can be as soon as you join.
No more tired old playlists that don't work anymore.  We will provide you with high quality CURRENT, RELEVANT lists you can refer to when planning an event or when you get hit with "What do you have for 90's" at an event.  You didn't have to be there to understand past decades of music.  We are here to help catch you up if you need it.
Through 38 years of experience, we have put together the Ultimate DJs Survival Kit for when you're on the road.  You will be the McGuyver of the DJ Industry if you pack this Survival Kit.  Keep Calm and be prepared for any situation once we provide you with this essential list for any traveling performer.
Think of all the bills you pay for your business.  What if we could turn most of those into additional revenue streams?  That's right.  You can GET PAID on many of your own bills you pay for your business and also your household.  We will show you how with your membership.  
If you don't ACCEPT CREDIT & DEBIT CARDS, you are most likely missing out on new bookings EVERY DAY.  We can get you set up to accept cards for NO APPLICATION OR SET-UP FEE and NO EQUIPMENT needed.  Not even a SQUARE.  Book events by phone and have the money in the bank in less than 2 days.  We will show you exactly how to sign up without all the red tape of bank credit approvals.  
We have a simple 5 Point Plan to TURBO-CHARGE your CAREER and your DJ BUSINESS if you're ready and willing.  We provide a full Regional Market Analysis for you to make decisions from.  We will show you how to get Year-Round Leads instead of just from trade shows.  We will show you how to effectively get gigs through Referrals & Local Business Partnerships.   We will help you build your Facebook Presence.  We will also show you how to build your business Vertically.  Are you ready to have the life you deserve for yourself and your family?


"Watch what happens when our Association Members collectively exceed
100 Million in PROFITS in 2017.

We have already set plans in place to help our Members collectively exceed 
500 Million in Profits in 2018.

You can be part of our success starting today."

-J. Cazanova
CEO & International Director
​Global Mobile DJs Association